British printed images

(15-07-2009 - romanzieri in news.)

british printed images

A skeleton leaning on a spade by an open grave; top left, numbered medallions with explanations of the scenes inscribed below, ’1 Mors tua 2 Mors Christi 3 Fraus mundi 4 Gloria Coeli 5 Et dolor inferni sunt meditanda tibi’; top right, a man with scales counting his money, while an angel points to the skeleton, with the accompanying inscription ‘Memento hoc’; in the centre, verses on life and death, and the motto ‘Omnia sic ibant sic ivimus ibitis, ibunt’; bottom left, flowers on a grave, with the inscription ‘Hodie mihi cras tibi’; bottom right, a death’s head, with the inscription ‘Sic transit gloria mundi’. 1620/1629 Engraving…

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